January 12, 2018 | Business Lodge, Chesterfield Mall | 8 - 11:30 AM | register

Finding Your Shining Vision

Identify, clarify, and create inspired action steps to grow and expand with authenticity, grace and power!

Experience exercises to support your Vision for the Future. Solidify your Vision and Mission Statements. Learn how to move forward with more confidence.  

Investment of only $50

What is S.H.I.N.E.?

S - Self-Awareness :: Knowing your strengths and befriending your shadows 

H - Health :: Healthy mind/body/heart/soul to propel and sustain change  

I - Integrity :: Inner Landscape & Intuition to operate from Wholeness  

N - The Art of Saying "NO" :: “No” to old limits and patterns, Yes to What’s Next  

E - Equanimity, Environment, Envision :: Composure no matter the exterior circumstances ~ Taking a stand for global change ~ Envisioning & Co-Creating a world that works for everyone.