Medicine Walk

Discover Your Vision for 2018

with Deborah LeeAnn

"To create change in your life takes doing things differently." Deborah LeeAnn

Take a breath. Take some time. Take a walk. 

A Medicine Walk is a walk you take in your choice of locale, on your time, that is intentional, and asks for guidance on a specific question.  

All you need to do is enjoy nature and deeply listen.

The key part of this experience may feel like the walk itself … 

BUT, the telling of this story to Deborah, and her intuitive mirroring and guidance is where the Magic Truly Happens!  

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Investment for Your New Outlook: $150.00

Investment in the Medicine Walk for Your New Outlook is only $150. Which includes your initial consulting call with Deborah LeeAnn and the mirroring exercise after your walk. 

Discount of $53/person for participants of the Shining Vision Workshop or Gateway to Dream Members, bringing the investment to only $97. 

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